The Best Travel Loyalty Programs to Join This Year

  • Travel loyalty programs are great ways for you to save money and earn free trips.
  • Some of the best hotel loyalty programs include Marriott Bonvoy and the Hyatt Hotel Rewards Program.
  • If you enjoy flight rewards, you should check out Alaska Airlines, ranked one of the best for domestic travel.
  • Even car rental programs allow you to earn points for upgrades and more!

When it comes to travel loyalty programs, there are so many options and so many categories to choose from. Yet so many people enjoy finding different programs that help them reduce their spending on their airlines, their hotels, and even the car rentals they make for every single trip they take.

If you’re wondering what the best travel programs for loyalty points and rewards are, you’ve come to the right place! This article will present you with all you need to know regarding travel loyalty programs and rewards programs available to you in various areas, including hotels, airlines, and even car rentals. So let’s get into the first category: best hotels.

Best Hotel Loyalty Programs

When it comes to hotels, there are various options available. Your favorite hotel chain doesn’t matter because most hotels have various travel loyalty programs. Here are the top three programs according to many travel agents and experts in the industry this year.

Hyatt Rewards Program

The Hyatt rewards program is fantastic for those who want to redeem points for several options, including room upgrades, Las Vegas resorts, and other restaurants and spas. You can also get free nights for only 5,000 points, which makes it a fantastic choice for individuals who want to take advantage of this opportunity and earn free trips.

Wyndham Rewards Program

If you enjoy the Wyndham hotels, you’ll love that they have their very own travel loyalty program. With this program, you can join and stay at one of their hotels and receive ten free rewards points for every dollar spent. You also get free high-speed Internet, priority check-in, and even free nights were deemed for up to 5,500 points.

Marriott Bonvoy Program

One of the most popular hotel chains, the Marriott hotels, offers its form of travel rewards program. This allows you to use points for extra upgrades during your stay. For example, you can upgrade to a room with a view or a larger suite. With a minimum cost of 5,000 points, it’s still quite affordable and can be used at multiple locations worldwide. There’s even the potential for unusual and spacious stays that Marriott offers for larger parties, which compares in price and scope to that of Airbnb!

Best Airline Rewards Programs

For those who enjoy jet-setting worldwide or domestically, earning points every time you fly can be exciting. Nearly every single airline has a program, but for 2022, here are the best airline rewards programs available in the industry, according to travel experts and travel agents.

Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan

Alaska Airlines has an effective awards-based program for their travel in North America. You can get rewards tickets redeemed for up to 12,500 miles or even 20,000 miles. While this is a little bit more limited in terms of what’s available, it still offers you a lot to enjoy because it services many locations in North America and some international locations, too!

Delta Airlines SkyMiles

Delta Airlines is one of the world’s top companies for air travel, and they even have a rewards program. These are considered some of the best flight rewards programs worldwide because you can get miles earned on the ticket price, not the miles flown. For example, you can earn up to 75,000 miles per ticket and redeem with only a minimum of 25,000 within the United States and 60,000 miles within Europe.

United Airlines Mileage Plus

Another one of the best flight rewards programs is United Airlines Mileage Plus. This program has been around for many years, and you can take rewards tickets and redeem them for 25,000 miles in the United States and Europe for up to 65,000 miles. This is very similar to Delta. However, this is only based on the miles flown, not the price spent on each ticket. Even then, you can get some great rewards after flying frequently with United.

Best Car Rental Rewards Programs

If you are traveling somewhere, you must consider your transportation to and from the hotel, even during your excursions. Many car rental programs are fantastic options, including some of the following listed below, according to many travel experts in the industry.

Alamo Insider

As one of the most popular car rental companies, you can earn points in miles for your car rental, which can go towards many items. You can use these points towards flights, hotels, and other things, getting 5% back on all car rental rates you purchased. In tandem with other rewards programs, this allows you many options to save money and travel to various destinations!

Avis Preferred Service

This fantastic car rental rewards program allows you to choose your car for your trip at nearly 50 locations across the United States and Canada. You have three options when you pick this program: you can choose a preassigned car, select a brand new one, or reserve an immediate vehicle once you land. There are also several other benefits to using this program for your travel rewards.

National Emerald Club

The last one on our list of car rental rewards programs includes National Emerald Club, which allows you many benefits. You can choose the car of your choice, have faster car rentals, faster returns, online renting, in no second driver fees. Additionally, you also get free rental days using flyer miles or hotel rewards as well. This one offers a lot more value than you might expect!

Ready to Plan Your Next Trip?

Regarding travel, you have endless possibilities for your next trip, especially if you use these new travel rewards programs to your advantage. No matter where you shop, whether on a travel website or independently, don’t forget to add your mileage or car rental rewards ID! It could earn you free vacations and more points to future trips to faraway and stunning locations!

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