The Best Travel Rewards Cards in the Industry and How to Get Them

The Best Travel Rewards Cards in the Industry and How to Get Them

Everybody enjoys vacations, and they are even more fun when you can afford them or get discounts! Using travel rewards credit cards provide a significant benefit for anyone looking to save money and also earn free points to go on vacation.

This article will look at the best travel rewards cards in the industry and how you can get these credit cards. It will give people more insight into some of the benefits of these cards. In addition, you’ll learn how these credit cards help you earn rewards for travel, hotels, and flights while spending what you will already be spending on your necessary items.

What is a Travel Rewards Card?

A travel rewards card typically allows you to earn rewards or points towards future trips such as flights, hotels, or even vacation packages. These provide a wide range of benefits for those who like family vacations, vacation planning, and even want something that allows them to earn rewards while swiping the card.

There are dozens of travel reward cards, and many people enjoy them for their benefits. For example, people earn bonus miles, free nights at hotels, and even vacation packages by purchasing items like groceries, gas, and other categories. These are great for individuals who want to have discounted vacations and enjoy saving money, regardless of what demographic or income level you might be at!

Why Are They Great for Consumers?

You might not think these cards are great for consumers or even for yourself, but there are many benefits to choosing to use these credit cards to earn points and a little bit extra on most of your purchases. Here are some benefits people often report when they finally get their travel rewards card.

Benefits of Spending Money

Most people feel great about finding a credit card that allows them to save money and earn points while they live their lives. With most of the points being given back after qualified purchases on groceries, gas, and more, it’s easy to earn points. Many people enjoy this option instead of paying out pocket for vacations and travel expenses.

Easy Vacation Planning

Most people enjoy and seek out travel rewards cards that regularly match what they like to do for their travel. So, for example, people who want to go to Europe might choose a United Airlines rewards card for the flight perks. Or individuals who choose to stay at many of the hotels that Hilton owns might choose a Hilton rewards card because it’s easy and matches what they already do for their vacation planning.

Special Upgrades

Everyone enjoys the special upgrades that come with a travel rewards card For example, imagine sitting in an airport waiting for your flight, and somebody calls you to the front. Because you have that airline’s credit card, you can finally get that first-class ticket, and it’s for free!

These are the perks that people often talk about. Alas, it makes perfect sense why people enjoy having these cards and the special upgrades that come from using it on a regular basis.

Best Travel Rewards Cards of 2022

With so many credit cards that offer travel rewards, it’s hard to sift through them and understand what’s available. Luckily, we have found the best credit cards available for 2022. Many of these will help you save money, and even come with no annual fee! Here are the top travel rewards cards for this year.

Capital One Venture X Rewards Credit Card

As one of the top travel rewards cards of the year, this credit card offers a welcome offer of 75,000 miles and comes with a $395 annual fee. Individuals who would like this credit card need to have at least a 750 on their credit score, and this credit card also comes with an 18.49% to 25.49% APR.

Assessing the Capital One Venture X

The pros of this credit card are that there’s a lower annual fee, the miles are effortless to earn, and their yearly card benefits that justify the annual costs. However, many people report a lack of domestic airline and travel partners on this credit card and that the Capital One lounges are not as great as people expect them to be. There is also a lack of hotel status benefits that are available among other card providers.

Chase Sapphire Preferred ® Card.

As one of the most famous travel rewards cards available, this card offers users 60,000 welcome points and only comes with a $95 annual fee. Most individuals need at least a 700 on their credit score and must pay 17.49% to 24.49% APR. This card is a fantastic choice and one of the lowest annual costs for many individuals.

Assessing the Chase Sapphire Preferred ®

The pros of this credit card are that there is the ability to earn high points and the points are typically a one-to-one ratio for transfer, which is usually pretty high compared with others. Additionally, there are several travel protections, and it allows this card to be well worth its while.

However, many people report that the annual fee is a challenge of theirs and that there’s no intro APR offer. This means from the beginning, there is a yearly fee. There are also not the best travel rewards on Chase bookings. Unfortunately, card users must use this platform to earn these rewards.

Hilton Honors Aspire Card from American Express

American Express has long been touted as one of the most significantly beneficial travel rewards cards. For example, the Hilton Honors Aspire Card allows individuals to earn 150,000 points when they open their account and offers them a 17.99% to 26.99% APR. However, this comes with a $450 annual fee, and individuals must earn at least 700 on their credit score to earn this credit card.

Assessing the Hilton Honors Aspire Card

As one of the most popular ones in the travel industry for awards, this credit card comes with many perks. It comes with a Complimentary Priority Pass Select Membership with enrollment and up to $600 in statement credits.

People also inherit instant Hilton Diamond status with benefits for traveling. However, this has a substantial annual fee compared with others with no potential for a waiver, and a high APR and a high penalty APR. Additionally, with no intro APR, there are challenges due to the points being lower than most programs for the value they are offered.

Choose Your Travel Rewards Credit Card

There are many choices for your travel rewards credit card, but with all of us in mind, hopefully, you have a better idea of what it takes to earn these credit cards and what benefits you will get.

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